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Welcome to Seville (Sevilla)

seville 2019

Welcome to the page with the most complete and updated information about Seville.

👉 This month in Seville (July and August)

If you are going to travel to Seville this month you can’t miss the following temporary events:

  • Dance Festival Italica 2019 (June 24 to July 20)
  • Jazz Concerts at the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art (July 2 to August 27)
  • Magic Island theme park and The Agua Mágica water park (all days)
  • Temporary exhibition “Rubens: Hercules and Deyanira”
  • Temporary exhibition “Sorolla tierra adentro”
  • Aquópolis, the water park of Seville
  • Rainbow Fest 2019 (13 July)
  • Nocturama 2019 (August 29,30 y 31)

📜 Seville Wiki

Knows in depth the history and present of the city

🏛 The most important monuments in Seville

Seville is full of monuments, one of the largest cathedrals in the world, Arab palaces, Roman walls, churches in all neighborhoods, you will be surprised by the cultural richness of the city.

🎉 The most famous events of Seville

Many events take place in the city, but the best known, the ones that move millions of people are these:

💃 Seville: The city of flamenco

Sevilla is the world reference of flamenco. Flamenco is a Spanish art produced mainly in the south of Spain, and cities such as Seville or Jerez are its main focuses.

It exists in three forms: Sing, song, Dance, dance, and Guitar, guitar.

Gypsies are often referred to as their parents, and (at least) it can be taken for granted that they played an important role in their creation.

All the art of the city, directly or indirectly, influenced flamenco.

🎼 Flamenco artists

Flamenco has evolved over the years, although there are many criticisms of flamenco today by the older ones, as any art evolves with changes.

The most recognized artists of the moment are:

🎸 Flamenco mixed with other styles

There are many musicians who combine flamenco with modern music, giving a unique and different style to their music.

🥙 Seville: Passion for good food

It is a city very rich in the variety of food that has, The cuisine is based on home cooking, on the recipes of domestic wives that have passed from generations to generations.

The most famous dishes are flamenco eggs, kidneys sautéed with sherry, stuffed artichokes and fried fish, Gazpacho, Salmorejo, and a list of endless “Tapas”.

The most popular form of eating in this city is “ir de tapeo”, eating a series of small plates of food, generally shared among groups of friends. “Las Tapas” are something genuine of the city and therefore there are many bars, because they do not feel the need to do all the lunch in one place.

🌜 Seville, a city with a lot of life at night

The inhabitants of Seville know how to enjoy their free time and the city offers a wide selection of nightclubs, bar and restaurants. They love to spend their nights enjoying friends on the street.

In the center of the city or in any neighborhood, contains a large number of quiet bars and cafes, ideal for having a drink and talking to friends. There’s always good drink and good food.

The Santa Cruz district and around the cathedral are recommended for the first drink of the night for tourist, are magical places

The streets Betis overlooks the river and has a very nice view of the city and its monuments, Sevillians love to enjoy friends on the terraces of bars.

The Alfalfa, another well known street in the city, offer a wide range of bars and discos with a lot of nightlife for the youngest.

A quieter area but with many bars with traditional food and wine is the one around the bullring.

👉 Other information about Seville

We can say that Seville is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain, It is almost at the same sea level (only 7 meters above), and in the well-known Gudalquivir Valley.

It has a newspaper with the same name that you can consult to be informed: Diario de Sevilla.

If you need public information call 955 010 010 ( only 010 if you call from sevilla).