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El Barrio, Flamenco Rock

El Barrio Flamenco Rock Spain
El Barrio Flamenco Rock spain

El Barrio is a pop rock group with flamenco touches of Andalusia, it combines in an original way sounds of its flamenco roots with a modern pop rock, this makes it a unique group that has a very characteristic sound.

El Barrio is José Luis Figuereo better known as Selu. The name of the band is a tribute to his native district Barrio de Santa Maria, the neighborhood with the most flamenco influence in Cadiz known as El Barrio. Seems like Cádiz has something special, because its people got spark, it could be its light and sea.

José Luis Figuereo is a poet and a musician, who has constructed his career little by little. He composes no commercial music with easy choruses; his songs are not heard on common radio stations and no media advertise his albums. It is Word of mouth what makes him sell so many discs and fill stadiums everywhere he goes.

A hat is his trademark. When he wears it, he goes from José Luis Figuereo to El Barrio.

Manolo Caracol, Camarón, Paco de Lucía, Enrique Morente and the Andalusian rock of the 20’s by Medina Azahara, Alameda and Triana have influenced him; His music is flamencofusion, but in all of his albums there is Bulería, Tango and Alegrías.

He has composed and edited all his musical productions. In 1996 he recorded the album “Yo sueno flamenco”(I sound flamenco).

Until then he was just a guitarist. This album is well received and many concerts come along. In 1998 he recorded “Mi secreto” (My Secret), which has even better reception. Then  “Mal de amores” (Lovesick) (1999) and “La fuente del deseo” (The Fountain of Desire) (2000) followed. The phenomenon El Barrio continues to grow. With “Me voy al mundo” (I’m going to the world) (2002) he got his first gold record. In 2003 he published his sixth album “Ángel malherido” (Wounded Angel).” The concerts are crowded and all over Spain. Concerts are sometimes two or three days in a row in the same city, because of the incredible demand for tickets.

Hits the market in 2005 “Las playas de invierno” (The beaches of winter) and in 2006 the compilation “Toda una década” (A whole decade). Followed  by albums “La voz de mi silencio”(The voice of my silence) (2007), “Duermevela” (2009), “Al sur de la Atlántida” (South of Atlantis) (2010) and the last to date, “Espejos” (Mirrors) (2011).

💿 The latest releases of El Barrio

  •  Hasta el Fin de los Tiempos (Edicion Especial Limitada) (2012)
  • Todo Tiene Su Fin (2014)
  • Hijo del Levante (2014)
  • Hijo del Levante (Edición Especial) (2014)
  • Esencia (2015)
  • Las costuras del alma (2017)

All these albums are great, but when he comes on stage with his musicians, the same who have accompanied him from the beginning of his career, they offer second to none shows.

El Barrio fans are known as Barrieros. To be a Barriero is almost a religion. His concerts are highly participatory and normally begin three hours before, right in the queue, where singing, dancing and shouting “Arriba el Selu y olé el Barrio”. In the concerts, the Barrieros feel, jump, sing, dance, and cry when Selu sings the song that touches them. The lyrics are poems. The Selu said such beautiful things, as “the voice of my silence is my soul’s weep”

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