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Flamenco Dancer Costumes

Flamenco Dancer Costumes

Flamenco is a type of dance and music from Spain, more specifically, Andalusia. There are many cultures, not just nations, which have influenced flamenco throughout the centuries of its development, such as Andalusian, Sephardic, Moorish, Byzantine, and even the gypsies.

While it is unclear how it started exactly, the first record of the term “flamenco” was back in the 18th century.

The flamenco dancer costume is almost as beautiful as the dance itself. One of the reasons that flamenco has become so popular, even with other cultures that are far from Latin culture, is because of the beauty of the costumes that are sure to attract the eye.

What most people don’t understand about the dance makes up for the mesmerizing look of the flowing, bright skirts of the women, and the dashing and gentlemanly look of the men who are dancing it.

💃 How to make a flamenco dance costume

A flamenco dancer costume is easy for you to come by, especially for men. If you are thinking of going as one of these soulful dancers for A flamenco themed party, Halloween, or any other costume parties for that matter, then it is quite easy.

What is characteristic of a female flamenco dancer costume are the skirts. The skirts of the dresses that they wear have to be flowing in style, meaning both the cut and the color. And don’t forget a nice flower in your hair, especially red or white.

This is so that the dress makes beautiful images of flowing beauty when the woman is moving around, twisting and twirling. It is a beautiful sight that is a must-see at least once in your life.

You can buy so many of these costumes from the Internet or in stores that are in Seville, below we leave a list of celebrities., or you can have them made.

If you wish to buy your flamenco dancer costume, you can look for a shop that specializes in Seville dancer costumes and the like, so that you are sure that they can give you a style that is authentic in look. It is better to go to specialty stores, so you can see and touch many different models, try all until you find the one that suits you.

These dresses are not easy to make, mostly because they have such beautiful detail, that anything less decadent will only look second best.

On the Internet, you will also find many cheap and imitation dresses. For a truly authentic look, make sure that you buy from a company that is familiar, even just a little bit, with Spanish culture.

To complete the look that your flamenco dancer costume will give you, you should make sure that your hair and make up will also fit.

Ideally, you should tie up your hair in a manner that is both still alluring, yet it will take the hair away from your face.

There is a lot of twisting and fast turning of the head when it comes to flamenco dancing, so you will definitely want to have your hair awake from your face.

As for make up, you are going to want to put on heavy eye make up and light on everything else.

The heavy eye make up will give your face more expression, because your flamenco dancer costume isn’t enough, when you want to look the part, your face has to look the part as well.

Costumes will range from 40-1.000 $ depending on the intricacy of the dress that you are planning to buy. Choose wisely!

For men it is easier, they can wear a tight black trousers, a Cordovan hat and a red belt at the waist.

💃 Shops where to buy your flamenco costume

Here is a list of sites of best live shows on Seville:

You can buy flamenco dresses in any department store or specialty store.

In spring they are sold everywhere, as it is the date of the sevilla fair in April.

Outside this season you should go to specialty shops where they sell flamenco dresses all year round.

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