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The Giralda of Seville

giralda de sevilla
giralda de sevilla

Is an Arab monument that has remained in the capital after it was recovered by the Christians during the Reconquest.

From the top of the tower you will be able to enjoy beautiful views of sevilla and its historic centre.

You have to climb many ramps to get to the top, wear comfortable shoes and do not do it after eating, so you do not tire anymore.

The lower two thirds of the tower correspond to the minaret of the old mosque of the city, from the late twelfth century, in the Almohad period, while the upper third is a construction superimposed in Christian times to house the bells.

At the top there is a weather vane, called the Giraldillo.

The Tower is 104 metres high, for several centuries it was the tallest tower in Spain and one of the tallest in Europe. At the top of the tower there are 24 bells.

In order to know everything that happens every day in the Giralda the best thing is to go to the official website and see what especial activities there are every days.

Information to visit it

We do not sell a single ticket for La Giralda, it is part of a group of monuments.

The ticket includes the visit to the Gothic Cathedral, the sacristies and the Renaissance chapter house, the treasure, the Giralda, the patio of the orange trees and the Church of El Salvador located in the Plaza del Salvador (600 mt. from the Cathedral).

Currently this is the official schedule:

Open every day:
Monday: from 11:00 to 15:30
Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00 to 17:00
Sundays: from 14:30 to 18:00

Some days this schedule may vary because there are special celebrations, it is best to call the phone to ask. Closed days: 1 January, 6 January y 25 December .

Price and the day you can enter for free

If you travel with little money you can take advantage of the free afternoon, which happens every Monday.

You should go early and wait in line, because they may not let you in if you arrive and there is a lot of line.

Free timetable: Monday from 16:30h to 18:00h

The other days the general ticket costs: 9 € (does not include audioguide, being the price of the same one of 3 € if it is requested)

There is a special price 4 € Pensioners/Students up to 25 years old (audio guide NOT included, the price of the same being 3 € if requested).