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Seville April Fair

Seville April Fair

Yet again Andalusian people demonstrate that they deserve the reputation as being cheerful, relaxed and, above all, spirited people. Seville invites you to find out about one of the most spectacular events of the year: The Seville April Fair, the spring party in Seville.

The charming Andalusian capital will become a must venue thanks to its delicious gastronomy, its traditional events, its typical music and many more glory moments that you certainly don’t want to miss out on!

It is no surprise that the April Fair is considered to be one of the most famous and biggest celebrations in the world, holding the second place after the prestigious Oktoberfest in Germany.

If you are in the mood for the fascinating world of flamenco and want to get lost in an extraordinary atmosphere, you should travel to the South of Spain in April. Festivities will start with the famous ‘Alumbrao’ (‘Lighting’), where at midnight millions of coloured paper lanterns are lit.

During this exceptional week, more than 1,5 million visitors –foreigners and Spanish tourists- crowd the fairground in the ‘Los Remedios’ district. The place itself is a real show: organizers and involved volunteers display, as usual, their incredible creativity regarding decoration.

flamenco seville april fair

Hundreds of colourful ‘casetas’ (sort of stands), countless food and drinks stands, amazing bullfights, traditional dances, typical carriages, carousels, tasty Mediterranean food, delicious wine, folk costumes and, above all, Sevillians in good spirits, welcoming all visitors warm-heartedly. During these days, they devote themselves to your well-being.

You will not be hungry or thirsty and don’t even think for a second that you could start being bored because it’s impossible. Let it flow, enjoy life, leave your problems aside and get ready to find out about a charming and open culture.

💃 The origins

Now, let’s talk about a little bit of history. The April Fair was priginally invented by two men. In 1846, Catalan Narciso Bonaplata and Basque José María de Ybarra asked the Mayor for permission to organize an annual fair in Seville. As you can see, the aim to reunite people and enjoy life has been accomplished down to a T

Spring is here! Now put a big smile on your face and reserve your trip to the special occasion in the Andalusian city of Seville. Discover the fascinating Spanish southern culture and learn to have a big and real party!

📍 Do not miss

Map april Fair Seville

The April fair is held in a very large venue, you need a map to guide it, it is published in the public space, where you can enjoy in a Caseta, drink and sing without having to be a member.

Do not worry, there is an information point inside the fair where they give it to you, so you do not have to take it printed.

📍 The best “Casetas” for tourist

Exits public Casetas, created by the council, are distributed throughout the site. You have to go early to be able to take a table and chairs and eat quietly.

The Sevillians usually go to eat late, but at the fair they go before 1:30 p.m. and take the place.

There are also Casetas of political parties that are public, you can go, they are large and if you go soon you have room to eat.

Lastly they have created a Caseta for tourists, come and you can speak in English with the waiters and other special services for tourists.

✌ Our Advice

Come with comfortable clothes and shoes, it’s a big space.

Do not go in a hurry, it is best to get to the site by public transport, and if you want to return by taxi you must have patience, there is usually a lot of line to take them.

Avoid if the midday hours are hot, better to go in the afternoon or evening.

Try the typical food of the omelette, pscaito, ham, cheese and other specialties.

Check prices before buying, may vary from one Caseta to another.

Be careful with the Rebujito, which is an alcoholic drink that goes very quickly to the head.

If you have money, rent a horse carriage and take a walk around the city and then leave it at the fair, it’s a very nice tour.

You can go to the attractions area and have a good time with children. There is a great variety, for all ages.

And you can not leave the fair without having tried at least to dance a Sevillana.

🎡 Amusement park April Fair

Attached to Real de la Feria, are the premises of an amusement park, with 400 different attractions, this park is ephemeral and is known as “Calle del Infierno”.

It is the ideal place to spend a fun time in its different fair attractions.

There are also places to test your ability by shooting, throwing darts or shooting a ball.

You can also go for terror corridors, canoes for the water, big norias and all this also for children under 5 years.

If you want you can spend hours of fun without leaving the place and without repeating any attraction.