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Seville Beaches

Seville Beaches

Seville does not have a beach, it is not a city that faces the sea, but you can be on the beach in less than 50 minutes.

It has a magnificent river, the River Guadalquivir, you can take walks and sunbathe.

But if you are looking for a beach nearby you can take the car, train or bus and spend the day at the beach.

The closest ones are 50 minutes away, which is not really time, many Sevillians go to those beaches to spend the day.

🏖 Nearby beaches to Seville

It’s hot, especially at noon and until 6:00 in the afternoon.

The nearest beaches are those of Huelva, specifically those of Mazagon and Matalascañas.

They are beaches prepared for visitors, so you can park in the parking lot you have right next to the sand.

It has bars and shops so that you don’t miss anything on your beach day.

But if you don’t mind making a slightly longer trip, of an hour and a few minutes you can then go to the beaches of Cadiz or other beaches of Huelva that are already on their way to Portugal.

More than two hours away you can go to Malaga where you can also enjoy its beaches.

⛱ Our list of recommendations

Going to the beach with your girlfriend or boyfriend is not the same as going with family and friends, so we are going to give you several different recommendations.

The beaches are normally equipped with showers and areas to clean yourself before returning to the car.

  • Playa de Matalascañas (Huelva): It is the closest to Seville, recommended to go with family and friends. You have a lot of chiringuitos to eat and drink, and shops of all kinds.
  • Playa de Mazagon (Huelva): It is also close to Seville, recommended to go with family and friends. Parking is more difficult to find but the beach is quieter.
  • Isla Canela & Isla Antilla (Huelva): Two big towns with beaches to enjoy, the water is a little colder. You have all the necessary services to spend a great day.
  • Rompeculos: A quiet beach to go with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You have to park something far away, that’s why it’s quieter and very close to Seville. In the middle of a natural park in Mazagon.
  • Valdelagrana (Cadiz): Within the city of Puerto de Santa Maria, is a great beach. You can go by train , you don’t need to take a car. About an hour and a half. You have a lot of trains a day that take you.
  • Cala de Roche (Cadiz): A quiet place to go with your love. It’s not easy to get there, you need a car, but it’s worth going for the quietness of the beach.
  • Nudist beach of the caños (Cadiz): If you like nudism in this place you can find a beach with very few people and where you can enjoy a lot.
  • Valdevaqueros (Cadiz): A beach with a lot of wind, ideal for sports: Windsurf, Kitesurf.

🏖 Spain is a country of beaches

In Spain the beaches are very well looked after, as they are a symbol for tourism and its inhabitants.

Spain has very well kept beaches, almost luxury hotels everywhere, are very prepared for the visitor or tourist to feel at home.

For that reason it is one of the world-wide destinies to enjoy the vacations of sun and beach.