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Seville City Marathon (Zurich Marathon)

Seville City Marathon (Zurich Marathon)

On February 19, in Seville  Zurich city marathon will be held. On the occasion of celebrating sport and health of citizens and tourists, the Spanish city organizes each year  a complex marathon : You run 42 kilometers and 195 meters. Completing this goal takes the participants about five hours, so you must be well trained.

It starts in the morning next to the athletics track at the Olympic Stadium in Seville, where the finish line will also be located and where prizes and trophies will be given out. In the last few years, due to the closure of the Olympic Stadium, the goal has been transferred to Maria Lusia Park, hopefully when the stadium returns to brir the goal will be the same as ever.

The appeal of this marathon is that the track is completely urban and runners can run around town, seeing points of interest. This is why many tourists from all over the world come to Seville at this time to enjoy this gathering of athletes.
As it is a city celebration citywide recreational activities throughout the weekend will be held. There will be speeches, gifts from sponsors and a closing party once the race is over.

As in every marathon there are several categories, but it is interesting that the disabled in wheelchairs may also participate and will receive their awards, a good idea which proposes a activity of integration and in which the whole family can have fun.

For the runners there will be a meeting the previous days to get to know each other and for those who are foreigners to come into contact with the city and become familiar with the sponsors. Hydration is very important in this type of event, so there will be strategically distributed refreshment stands placed along the circuit.

🏃‍♀️ Characteristics of the Seville marathon

For more information on the marathon you  can visit the event website of the organizer.

Spectacular circuit, with passage through the most emblematic places of the city.

Exquisite treatment to the broker, with a lot of available services.

The flattest marathon in Europe, endorsed by the IAAF and the AIMS Wide tourist offer.

Wide variety of parallel activities.

It always stopped in February.

The weather in the city is very good for runners at that time.

A lot of public presence in the streets.

Perfect organization for all levels of runners.

Sufficient hotel places in the city to be able to plan well the weekend.

Always run on Sunday.