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Seville Festivals & Events

festivals and events on seville

In Seville you can experience throughout the year many types of celebrations, festivals and events that are repeated every year.

Except for the flamenco festival, which is repeated every two years.

They celebrate all their festivals with passion and abandonment.

🌹 Seville Festivals & Events in Spring

The Spring time in Seville there are two major events that paralyze the city and much of Spain: Semana Santa y Feria de Abril.

The city’s most famous celebration, Holy Week (Semana Santa in Spanish), began in the 14th century. In the 17th century it took on the features it still has today, coinciding with the golden age of Sevillian religious images. This is the period of the creation of Jesús del Gran Poder, La Macarena and Cristo de Cachorro, fundamental images of the processions.

It is surprising to see how the city lives this religious celebration, taking its figures out into the street so that everyone can see and adore them.

Holy Week in Seville covers the 7 days of Holy Week, with the staging of the daily processions, as well as the 40 days of Lent, necessary for the preparations.

Begins on the famous “Domingo de Ramos”.

The second most famous spring festival is the Seville April Fair,

You can read all the information in the special page that we have created of this event.

Spring ends with The pilgrims walking away to the Rocío, a nearby village, and others travel by cart and by horse.

It also begins the period of bullfights that closes in September.

🔆 Seville Festivals & Events in summer

It’s hot, especially at noon and until 6:00 in the afternoon.

In summer you can go to a small fair called “La Velá de Santa Ana” in Triana.

You can also go to the Alcazar concerts inside the palace, which are held at night and are very popular, listening to music in a palace with almost a thousand years of history is a very special moment.

Many activities are organized in museums at night.

A very famous event that only takes place on one day is the Corpus Christi: It takes place next Thursday on the eighth Sunday after Easter. It’s a very important day in the city because all fraternities Seville (whether of glory or sacramental penance) are united in a procession through the center of the city

🍂 Seville Festivals & Events in Autumn

In autumn very special days are celebrated, like the discovery of America, day of all the saints, day of Spain.

If you like sports you can go to the football matches that are in the city with their two teams.

At the beginning of December there is always an international horse fair, which is known worldwide and brings together people from all over the world.

It is the third most important festival of the city.

Every two years the most famous flamenco event in the world is celebrated in Seville, La Bienal de Flamenco, it is an event where all the famous singers, dancers and guitarists attend.

Visit their official website to see when they celebrate again.

There are also many different events for young people.

⛄ Seville Festivals & Events in Winters

Mixture of beautiful clear, sunny winter days with overcast but warm days.

Winter is closely related to Christian Christmas.

The city is totally illuminated, there are artisans’ markets and you can buy beautiful and cheap handmade pieces.

There are all kinds of activities, especially for boys and girls, where you can enjoy Christmas.

On January 5th a parade is organized with the three wise men who bring gifts to the children. It is a tradition that is above Santa Claus in Spain.

🍽 The food in every celebration

What will surprise you is that throughout the year they make different meals for each season, and if you don’t eat it at that time you won’t be able to try it again during the other months.