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Seville hotels

Seville is a city that has many hotels, each year more are built.

You can choose the hotel you want for the budget you have.

Currently many hotels are opening in the city centre, so you can go everywhere on foot or by bicycle.

If you have to bear in mind that prices rise a lot in the world events held in the city: Easter, April Fair and the Horse Fair.

🏨 Hotels in seville spain 5 stars

Seville has several hotels where the one that stands out the most is Alfonso XIII, which is a real luxury to sleep in.

  • Hotel Alfonso XIII: A luxury hotel
  • Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento: For families, something outside the city centre.
  • Hotel Palacio de Villapanés: A different place, it’s a small but charming hotel.
  • EME Catedral Hotel: Modern and small hotel, but next to the cathedral.
  • Gran Melia Colon: The hotel where bullfighters and celebrities sleep.
  • Eurostar: Hotel opened in 2018 in the highest tower of the city, the views are incredible.

You should know that in Spain hotels that say they have five stars must comply with a very strict law, must be large rooms with all services, have a swimming pool.

They are hotels very controlled by governments to offer high quality services. Their restaurant service is at the same level as the rooms.

🏨 Hotels in seville spain 4 stars

They are very good hotels, but they reduce certain non-essential services so that tourists and visitors can stay for a cheaper price.

You already have more than 100 different hotels to choose from with this category in the city center or in nearby neighborhoods.

What you should value then is the pool they have, if you are going to Seville in the summer months.

Also that they have a park nearby, to be able to walk and rest well.

We don’t want to highlight any more because the offer is so wide that you can spend hours and hours seeing all the hotels there are.

The best thing is to look for those that have rooms on offer for the dates you want to travel.

Keep in mind that you will spend a lot of time visiting the city, because it is always very good weather, and you will hardly need the services of them.

Seville is a city alive all day and night, there are hundreds of restaurants and bars, so food should not be a limitation to book a hotel.

🏨 Other Hotels and Tourist Apartments

In recent years it has become fashionable to convert a private dwelling into a tourist apartment.

There are many in the city and tend to have cheaper prices than hotels, however they do not have the services of a hotel.

They are apartments that are in the center of the city.

You can choose to book an apartment or a cheap hotel, you have a very big offer to choose from.