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SICAB: International Pre Horse Fair in Seville

horse in seville city

Seville is a city my united to the horse, they can be seen everywhere at all hours of the day.

In addition you can always take a horse-drawn carriage ride to get to know the city in greater depth.

That’s why in autumn it celebrates the world’s biggest horse festival, called SICAB.

sicab seville event

Visit the event’s official website for exact dates of the next event.

Apart from making the Andalusian horse stand out, all the races in the world come together, making it the biggest event in the world for horse lovers.

📍 Location Event

The event is celebrated:

Fibes – Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones (Convention Center) Av. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1, 41020 Seville, Spain.

✌ Our Advice if you’re gonna go to the SICAB.

Here are some previous tips we can give you

  • We recommend buying tickets for shows in advance, as they have limited capacity and tend to run out very quickly.
  • You can go by car without problems, there is a parking in the Congress Center and nearby place where you can leave the car and walk a few minutes. (Eufrates Street, Almendralejo Street).
  • Don’t take a hotel near the Convention Center, because when you finish you won’t be able to walk through the center of the city, it’s far from the center of the city. It is best to book a hotel in the city centre and then take a bus or taxi to go to the fair.
  • If you don’t like the bars and restaurants inside the fair outside you can choose to eat typical Sevillian food. If you walk a little and get away from the nearest bars you can eat as if you were a Sevillian. (Aderezo Tapas, El Rincón de Manu, Bodeguita Al Papeo)

✌ Tickets for event

The best way is to go to their website and buy them when they are available, do not trust other websites that only do is resell tickets.

There are generally two types of tickets you can buy.

  • To access the fairgrounds
  • To access the Horse and Riding Shows: The prices of the shows are different depending on the day and type of show.

Official ticketing site.

📍 Do not miss

  • You have to go to at least one show, they are very well organized.
  • You can see what you missed on his videos and his television channel.
  • Consult the newspapers of the city to know that important people will visit the fair that day and thus be able to look for them and take a picture with them.

🐴 Museum of the horse in seville

In Seville there is no museum dedicated to the horse, the closest you can see is the museum of carriages, where we give you the details on our page dedicated to museums.

🐎 The Andalusian Horse

The andalusian horse

The Andalusian Horse is an ancient horse breed. The Andalusian Horse has lived on the Iberian Peninsula since beginning of times and is represented in cave paintings dating back 25,000 years. All purebred Andalusian Horses can be traced back directly to the studbooks of Spain and Portugal.

The Iberian horse evolved in hilly rugged areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Fighting for survival and grazing over this rough terrain led to the development of a strong arched neck, and a short-coupled and powerful body with hind legs positioned well underneath the body providing strong hock action and impulsion. These attributes made the Andalusian Horse
extremely agile as well as forward moving.

The andalusian horse has a very powerful physique packed into a fairly compact size. They have been widely sought after throughout history due to their intelligence and grace as well as their docile demeanor. The Andalusian horse is available in many different colors, though gray is the most common. This elegant yet powerful breed of horse originally came from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancient ancestors lived for thousands of years. It was not only the 17th century that the andalusian horse was first recognized and regarded as a separate and unique horse breed.

Andalusian horses have been used by so many different cultures for so many different reasons, that they have been called many different names: Andalusians, Andalusian horses, pure spanish horse, or PRE ( which stands for Pura Raza Española ), Zapata, Villanos, Spanish Horse, Iberian War Horse and Iberian Saddle Horse.

In order to be called a PRE horse (or Purebred Spanish Horse), the horse must be entered in the central stud book in Spain. Easy to trace genealogical records are needed to prove their heritage to get into the book. Part bred spanish type horses can be known simply as Andalusian horse.

The purest sub strain of Andalusian horses, is known as the Carthusian and makes up only 12% of all Andalusian horses that are registered. The Carthusian pedigree is one of the oldest horse bloodlines documenet. Due to the purity and rarity of the Carthusian Andalusian, buyers will pay substantially more than for an Andalusian horse of non-Carthusian descent.

The andalusian horse has served many purposes over the years, from a war horse to a diplomacy tool for the Spanish government. A combination of disease, crossbreeding and war drastically reduced the population of pure spanish horses during the 1800’s, an unfortunate trend that continued into the early 1900’s.