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Tapas In Seville

Tapas In Seville jam

The dispute is an old one, despite that lately the etymology seems established that the word derives from the old habit in the Spanish taverns of covering the glasses of wine with some plates of food.

However it was, the famous tapas aren’t just one of the identity traits of Spanish gastronomy around the world but, also, in the words of Ferrán Adrià, a great contemporary driving force behind the concept who, a year ago, decided to revolutionize this phenomenon with the opening of his restaurant ‘Tickets’ in Barcelona, “this is the future of food”.

Although there aren’t many motives to give any part of Spain the maternity of tapas, a highly sociable way of eating that seems to prove Epicurus right when he said that there are no fundamental differences between a person who eats alone and a hungry wolf. Choosing who you eat with is much more important to the Garden philosopher than the nature of the food that’s being eaten.

The 1956 edition of the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy, who defined ‘tapa’ for the first time seventeen years before, decided that the word came from Andalucía.

Although such criteria was duly corrected in later editions after 1970, there aren’t few Andalucians who consider their land as the cradle of tapas. And among them, of course, we find the people of Seville, who repute their beautiful and magical city as its Mecca.

🍽 Lifelong restaurants

Without sharing such hegemonic pretensions, it would be difficult to argue that the quality of the tapas in Seville is truly magnificent. Places like Bar Eslava (Eslava, 3) and its culinary mix of tradition and avant-garde shown in its tapas like honey ribs, are a good example of that.

El Rinconcillo (Gerona, 42) is not left behind by any means, with its over 300 years of history as Seville’s oldest tavern. Predictably, it has the most essential trends where, perhaps to avoid distractions from its excellent cuisine, standing out is strictly prohibited.

In the same traditional orbit, loyal to the local recipes, is Las Piletas (Marques de Paradas, 28), characterized by its famous gatherings and chats and its genuine bullfightingatmosphere.

And entering Triana, the district that encompassed the essence of Seville to such a point that its people don’t consider themselves from Seville, we find unmissable places such as Bar Casa Ruperto (Santa Cecília cornering San Jacinto), awarded with the Silver Chickpea prize from the incredibly prestigious New York Gastronomical Society for maintaining alive the flame of the city’s gastronomical traditions. La Primera del Puente (Betis, 66) also shares the quality of being excellent value for money with the previous restaurant and it also has a terrace next to the river that offers a fabulous view of the Torre del Oro.

🍽 New restaurants in Seville

We offer you a list of the bars and restaurantsthat have opened in recent years and that already has very good reputation among Sevillians and tourists.

The new cuisine is flattered by many tourists, but it can be confused with the traditional tapas of ham, croquettes, fried fish, although it has many followers, we recommend that you take traditional tapas dishes and also experiment with the new kitchen recipes.

  • Cristina and Co
  • Maquila Bar
  • Jaime Alpresa
  • Ovejas Negras
  • Bar Alfalfa
  • Restaurante Taberna la Sal
  • Petit Comite
  • La Molona
  • Restaurante Az_zait
  • Los Corales
  • La Brunilda
  • Hispania
  • Bar Alfakeke
  • Palo Cortao
  • Arte y Solera
  • Bar Manolo León
  • Decuchareo28
  • Los Rincones del Marqués
  • Coolantro bar

🍽 Best Tapas Food: Ideas

We have selected the tapas that most customers request in general, each restaurant has its specialties and their style, but there are some that are repeated in almost all bars.

  • Gazpacho
  • Jamón
  • Espinacas con Garbanzos (stewed)
  • Cazón en adobo (fried fish)
  • Ensaladilla
  • Montadito de pringá (small sandwich)
  • Croquetas (Croquettes)
  • Pavías de bacalao (fried fish)
  • Serranito (sandwich)
  • Carrillada (stewed)
  • Boquerones en Adobo (fried fish)
  • Solomillo al Whisky (Meat)
  • Menudo (stewed)
  • Tortilla de camarones (fried fish)

Some tapas are cold and others hot.