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The Church of El Salvador in Seville

The Church of El Salvador in Seville

El Salvador, the second largest church of Spain in Seville

This Church occupies the site of the original mosque of Ibn Adabbas in Seville, built in the ninth century and converted to the Savior parish in the fourteenth century. The horseshoe arches of the Islamic era rest on columns reused in Roman and Visigoth.

Construction work began in 1674 with architect Stephen Garcia and ended in 1712 with Leonardo de Figueroa.  This building remain a religious use until 1671, but with the passage of time it got a sharp deterioration.

But later again it was subjected to a thorough restoration work which is completed in early 2008, returning  the temple all its glory and giving it the appearance of the eighteenth century.

But the remains of the original Islamic oratory, i.e., patio are still alive. The exterior features a tower with four faces of the bell, was built in 1724 and then subsequently amended. This great church has been mentioned by various eminent writers in their novels about the city life.

The church is constructed as the cross with three naves with chapels between the buttresses, the central area covered with a wood frame braces in pairs, side with a groin vault at the ends and the barrel vaults with windows on the rest.

The church has always been popular among the Spanish people for weddings, of course, but in the last two years has become an increasingly popular option for many foreign couples either to the marriage ceremony itself or for blessing. It is a magnificent setting and has all necessary amenities at the door.

Openings: Mass times: Monday to Saturday 9:15 to 10:00 hours, 19: -45 hours. Sunday 11:00 to 13:45 hours, 20:00 to 20:45 hours.

✌ Our recommendations

It is located in the heart of Seville, very close to the Cathedral, so you can take a good walk and visit it very easily.

It is located in the Plaza del Salvador, where Sevillians go to rest, have tapas and enjoy the good weather, is surrounded by bars, is a square with a lot of atmosphere all year round.
You can also go shopping.

Do not go with little time, or you will miss all the details contained in this monument, you will be surprised.

👉 What are you going to find inside?

The interior is Baroque style from Seville and is decorated with sculptures and paintings by famous local artists. The cover consists of three archivolts, with images of virgins and angels. The interior is very spacious and has very somber atmosphere. Right now, this is the only church open for worship in the neighborhood of La Villa.

Its courtyard has a size of 25 by 30 meters. The arches that are available in the brick courtyard, supported by columns. In the center of the building is a tank. This gallery is covered with carved ceilings. Right in front of the church is a huge pine Norfolk Island, brought from South America earlier this century.

Inside, the beauty of the church is structured in 14 altarpieces, which are to highlight the main altarpiece, the Baroque style, the altar of the Santas Justa y Rufina in the baptismal chapel, the altarpiece of the Miracle of the last century, the altarpiece of San Cristobal of the eighteenth century, the altarpiece of Christ’s Love, the altar of Christ of the Afflicted, the altarpiece of the Virgen del Rocio and the altar of Christ of Humility and Patience.