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The Real Alc√°zar from Seville

The Real AlcaŐĀzar de Sevilla

The Real Alc√°zar is located next to the Cathedral, the Giralda and the Archives of the Indies of the ancient Roman H√≠spalis. The building that has survived until today is the result of a consistent architectural transformation that began in the eighth century with the first Arab kingdoms, ending, almost at the beginning of XX Century.

In 913, Abd Al Ram√°n III ordered the erection of the Alc√°zar, a palace that has been the royal residence of various monarchs.

The Alc√°zar is made up of a group of palaces that constitute the most important example of Sevillian civil architecture.

Inside, the most notable sectors are the palaces, gardens and service quarters that are distributed on a walled site on the southern edge of the old quarter of Seville.

Although the Alcazars are distinguished by their profound Islamic mark and their artistic complexity, they do not form a unitary whole. On the contrary, Muslim elements are intertwined with other Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements in its outbuildings.

The contribution of Pedro I (1334-1369), who reconstructed parts of the old Abbadi fortress and other previous palaces, is outstanding.

Among its outstanding elements we can mention its beautiful gardens, such as those of the Dance or the Labyrinth of the Prince, the courtyard of the Dolls, Montería, of the Plaster, of the Doncellas and the Hall of Ambassadors.

Of all these buildings from different eras The Royal Alcazar is noted for its beauty and is the palace chosen by the Spanish monarchy in their visits to the city of Seville.

We specially mention, above all, its magnificent courtyards with fountains and gardens inspired by Al-Andalus and specially these gardens (Hall of the Grotesque, The English Garden, The Garden of the Poets, The Garden of the Bedchamber gazebo, The Garden of the Marquis de Vega-Incl√°n and The Cross Garden), where outdoor concerts are held.

ūüĎČ Guide of visit of the Real Alcazar of Seville

Open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The general entrance of the monument, which includes the visit to the ground floor of the Palaces and Gardens of the Real Alc√°zar. 11,50 ‚ā¨.

The Special Entrance to the Upper Royal Quarter: This entrance is limited to the organized partial visit to the Upper Royal Quarter located in the upper part of the Palace of King Don Pedro. 4,50 ‚ā¨

Entrada reducida para pensionistas y estudiantes de 17 a 25 a√Īos (previa presentaci√≥n de la documentaci√≥n acreditativa): 3 euros

You can buy tickets online at their official website.

ūüĆú Special night ticket

This ticket is only available for groups accompanied by a professional guide.

To reserve it, ask by phone how to do it.

The Real Alc√°zar is today not only the most important civil building in Seville, but also the centre of attention for a large number of visitors, willing to appreciate the legacy of a living and fascinating history, many facets of which have been recovered thanks to decisive restoration efforts undertaken in recent years.