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The Weather in Seville 🌞

City of seville

Sunny and sunnier almost the whole year. The annual average temperature is 19º degrees Celsius (65º Fahrenheit).

🌹 Seville in spring

We love the Spring time in Seville.

It is together with autumn the perfect date to visit the city.

It may rain a few days, but it is very rare that it rains more than 2 or 3 days in a row, and it is also a fairly mild rain.

In spring the most famous festivals of the city are celebrated and the orange trees have their orange blossoms that give them a special smell and color. There are trees all over the city.

You can see through its streets the joy that awakens the arrival of spring, have fun in a city of very beautiful colors.

🔆 Seville in summer

It’s hot, especially at noon and until 6:00 in the afternoon.

After that time you can go out into the street, just like the Sevillians, and enjoy the great nightlife that has the city in summer will surprise you, people are on the street until dawn.

Never rain. June, july and August almost too hot. Daily highs up to 40°C and nightly lows 18°C. Short sleeve weather all the time evenings included.

Seville is increasingly improving its facilities to combat heat, in the bars they put external cooling systems.

The city council puts awnings in all the main streets of the center.

Many activities are scheduled for the evening outdoors which is very good weather.

🍂 Seville in Autumn

The city being in the south of Europe has a fantastic climate if you have vacations in these dates, you do not spend anything of cold.

It is also a very good time of year, as it hardly rains in the city and the temperature is very good, you can walk around the city and visit its monuments with very little clothes and without getting cold.

First rains are late September or early October, can be heavy but rarely last more than a day or two

⛄ Seville in Winters

Mixture of beautiful clear, sunny winter days with overcast but warm days.

Evenings noticebly cooler. . Daily highs about 20°C and nightly lows rarely below 10°C. Pullover in the day, jacket in the evening.

You won’t see the snow and you won’t be able to make snowmen, but you’ll be surprised.

Lately with the climate change the temperature does not stop rising, winters are even milder and warmer, some tourists wear a t-shirt almost all day.

At this time you can taste their famous churros