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Traveling to Seville

Traveling to Seville

The dispute is an old one, despite that lately the etymology seems established that the word derives from the old habit in the Spanish taverns of covering the glasses of wine with some plates of food.

Seville is one of the most touristic cities in Spain. There is a legend that says that Hercules founded the city in ancient times. With a deep history and tradition, Seville is also a place that offers a wide variety of culture, museums and galleries, and a rich nightlife if you’re looking for some fun and excitement experiences.

🛄 How To Get To Seville

We show you the different ways you have to get to Seville depending on where you come from.

If you come from another country it is normal to arrive at the airport, or if you are from a European country you can arrive by car, caravan, have special spaces for it or by direct bus if you travel cheaper.

You can also arrive by boat, lately more and more cruises make their stop in Seville, given that its Guadalquivir river is navigable, the same route that the ships that came from America with gold and silver made five centuries ago.

If you come by car you have many parking in the center of the city, very close to the entire historic center. You just have to avoid these parking during the celebration of Holy Week. You have freeways from all the big cities.

🚂 Arriving from Other cities of Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, valencia, etc.)

Most overseas flights will fly into Valencia, Bilbao, La Coruña, Madrid o Barcelona, for example, which means connecting to Seville.

San Pablo Airport Information:
Ctra. Nacional IV (Madrid-Cadiz) Km 532
Phone: 954 449 000 / 954 672 981

You can also use the high-speed train, which connects from some cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Zaragoza. The name of this spanish trains is AVE,

They are very frequent, you can take one every hour or two hours and The prices vary a lot depending on the day and the month you take it.

🚂 Arriving from nexts cities: Malaga; Granada o Córdoba.

Normally you will take the bus or a train nearby, the distances are short and it takes almost the same in train than in bus.

Plaza de Armas Bus Station:
Avenida del Cristo de la Expiración.
Phone: 95 490 80 40

Santa Justa Train Station:
Avda. de Kansas City s/n
Phone: 902 24 02 02

There are a lot of trips a day that you will always find a connection that is the one you need at any time.

✈ Traveling Along

Before organizing a trip to Seville, consider all the possibilities that each season brings along, as well as the activities that are best for you and your traveling companions.

Usually traveling alone is one of the best ways of traveling. As in the past it has been exposed, there is nothing better than having the freedom to do whatever you want during your holiday trip. Sometimes, many people travel to Seville to disconnect themselves a little.

Certainly, the pace of cities like Barcelona or Madrid is completely different. The hectic pace of these two cities, probably because they are a work activity cluster, commercial, etc, is a bit more suffocating than in other parts of Spain.

Undoubtedly, the pace of life in Seville is much quieter, and the warmth, because of its people and their affection that give you a much better traveling experience than the Spanish or the Catalan capital.

✈ Traveling Accompanied

If you are traveling accompanied, whether in a romantic plan, or with friends, choose well your destinations and with plenty of time, in order for you to have peace in mind. If traveling with family, the story is different, it costs a bit more, but, Seville will offer historical and tourist places for both your children and family, play areas for children, and more.

If for example you travel during the winter, around the Christmas dates, you will see the streets beautifully adorned, lively people singing carols, and some of that solidarity feeling that Christmas brings in the air.

Many people, including Sevillians, complain of the extreme heat experienced during the summer time. Thus, many people take refuge in their houses until the heat goes down.

Usually nighttime starts around 10 pm and the weekend parties go till dawn. You can thus enjoy a cold beer and delicious tapas on a terrace, meeting new friends and enjoying the generosity of Seville. 

Perhaps the best times to visit Seville are the spring and the autumn, usually the best times to travel throughout Europe, because it is when it is easy to go walking the streets, visiting churches, archaeological sites and being outdoors.

For more information on the attractions of the beautiful Seville, visit this website:

✈ Traveling with Family

Seville  Its the perfect city for families with kids of all ages, It has all kinds of entertainment and activities so that no one in the family is bored, even grandparents have a good time.

It has very good weather, which allows many activities on the street, which is a great relief, you do not have to be with children locked in a place because it does not stop raining or cold.

The people of the city are always on the street in bars, on walks, on bicycles, so you can participate in these activities with the children, they have a great time, and they have many beautiful things to discover about Seville.

The city is flat, you do not have to be tired going up and down hills, so you can do long journeys on foot or any vehicle you rent, children have a great time riding on their bikes

✈ Traveling with Pets

Seville it is a pet friend city, you not have a problem to travel with your favorite pet, you have the possibility of staying in hotels, apartments and holiday homes that admit your pet.

The city has a lots place to play with your pet, large parks and a very good weather all the year.

Seville is a city with a lifestyle characterized by spending a lot of time in the street and outdoors, all its parties, events, bar terraces, etc.